Worms Reloaded
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Worms: Reloaded is an artillery/turn-based strategy game developed by Team17 and is part of the Worms series. It is scheduled for release on Windows via Steam, during Summer 2010. Team17 have stated that a Mac OS X version will be developed after Steam is released on Mac. The developers have stated that the game will be retailed at a 'very attractive price.

The game is largely based upon the console version Worms 2: Armageddon released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2009, but is said to be an extended edition of the console versions of late.

Team17 have currently released few details or media content concerning the title and a press release is not available. A European and Worldwide Beta have been released to a select group of the public, however both are under an NDA.


Gameplay is turn-based and returns to its original 2D aspect for the first time on PC since Worms World Party in 2001. There will be both Single player and Multiplayer modes available with up to four players online.