Warriors: Legends of Troy (TROY (トロイ) 無双, Turoi Musō) is an upcoming video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games consoles. The game is being developed by Koei Canada and is due to be published by Koei. The title will be part of the Dynasty Warriors series but will differ from previous installments in the series as it will contain a large amount of graphic violence and will be the first game in the series to receive an M rating by the ESRB. The game has a current scheduled release date of November 2010.


The game will support online co-op and competitive play for up four people. The game will feature a much larger amount of blood and gore than previous Dynasty Warriors games. The player will control characters from a third person perspective and will be required to face large amounts of enemies. The player will be able to use their shield as a weapon and will also use throwing weapons such as javelins and boulders, and will be able to pick up other soldiers and use them as weapons. Each character the player controls will have their own personality and fighting style.

So far, known playable characters include Achilles, Odysseus, Paris, Hector and Penthesilea.


The game will be set during the ten year Trojan War and will feature supernatural elements, such as appearances from Greek Gods. The game will be based around literature such as the Iliad. The player will be able to control Achilles and Odysseus on the Greek side and Hector, Paris and Penthesilea on the Trojan side. Each level will begin with a traveling bard telling the story of the war to an audience around a campfire.


The games developers went on research expeditions to archaeological sites Turkey and Greece. Locations in the game will look like actual landscapes where Troy was believed to be. Players can play as Greeks and Trojans and see the war from their different perspectives.