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WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within is a fantasy action-adventure video game currently in production by CGI and games development company Digi-Guys for the PlayStation 3. Players will assume the role of the mysterious WarDevil, traveling through a post-apocalyptic world.


WarDevil: Unleash The Beast Within uses a new and sophisticated game engine called RTE1080 (real time engine). It was developed as a proprietary engine by Digi-Guys in order to realize the graphical depth and complexity required for the game. The RTE1080 engine is designed to run in full 1080p HD at 60 fps so to create a visual style that surpasses that of pre-rendered FMV sequences.

WarDevil shares similar hack and slash gameplay to that of games such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. It also has newly-tested styles of gameplay, so to push the capabilities of both systems to their limits.

The game designers said to expect levels in such places as ruined wastelands, desert strongholds, ruined hotels, huge bars and military bases.


WarDevil: Enigma was the name given to the technical demo shown at E3 2006. From what Digi-Guys have said, Enigma will also be used to introduce major characters and will be the version that is 'show' ready for the major video game conventions. Now, WarDevil Unleash the Beast Within was the demo shown at TGS 2005 and is companion to Enigma; both are parts of the overall 'WarDevil Project' which will include both the game and now a full length feature film.