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WWE Online is a professional wrestling video game under development by Vertigo Games that will be published by THQ for the PC. WWE Online marks THQ’s fourth game in development exclusively for the growing PC online market. The game is expected to be released in South Korea in 2010, followed by a release in other Asian countries. The video game will be based on the professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Production of the game was announced on September 19, 2008, announced under the working title WWE SmackDown vs. Raw Online and promoting itself as part of the WWE SmackDown series. However by May 2009, the game was renamed WWE Online with ties to the series severed.


With WWE Online, players will be able to connect with other players online to challenge them to a match, interact, or shop with them. The game will feature both single and multi-player modes. New game modes are expected to be revealed early spring of 2010.

The Create-A-Wrestler feature, which has been included in past WWE games, will be implemented into this game. Players will be able to create their own wrestlers and can use them in a game mode. Create-A-Taunt, Create-A-Move Set, Create-A-Finisher, Create-An-Entrance and a brand new 3D Paint Tool that will allow users to import .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, and .PSD files for use in the game.