TV Superstars
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TV Superstars (working title), is an upcoming 2010 party video game for the PlayStation 3, it will utilize the new PlayStation Move controllers. The game is developed by Cambridge Studio and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment for release in 2010.


In the game players take the role of a Reality TV Show contestant who is on the hunt for fame and glory by winning a series of completely unrelated challenges on a Reality TV Show. The game utilizes the PlayStation Eye to take a picture of the player which is then used to create an avatar which players use in the game. The game contains a series of party-style games which are part of a fake Reality TV Show.

Games include "Frock Star", a fashion show where players have to walk down a runway with as much style to win through trying out outlandish outfits and applying makeup to their avatars. Another game is "Let's Get Physical" which is a combination of American Gladiators and Japanese Game Shows, players had to go through a series of mini-games such as running along a giant spinning wheel while dodging dangerous obstacles on the wheel as well as firing the avatar through the air to fit into a chalk outline printed on a wall. Other games include "Big Beat Kitchen" where players have to cook and rap in a Hip hop cooking show, "DIY Raw", a home make-over show which involves players attempting to prevent the house from collapsing and "Diamond Shopping Channel" where players have to film their own television commercials.

Game progress is measured by the popularity of the player's avatar which is increased mainly through media coverage where players are reported in tabloids after winning or losing a game, being involved in lucrative product endorsements which places the avatar's name and likeliness on game billboards and TV commercials.


The game was officially unveiled at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It was originally seen in a trademark filing by SCEA on September 16, 2009.