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Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time is an upcoming party video game exclusively for Wii. It will be released in North America on November 9, 2010 and in Europe on November 11, 2010. It is the fifth installment in the Rabbids series and, unlike the previous entry, Rabbids Go Home, it returns to the party game genre.

Plot SummaryEdit

The Rabbids used a time machine (which looks like a washing machine) to go through different times and create havoc to change the story of the past. First, they went to prehistoric time, watching a caveman trying to make fire using a stick and leaves, from day till night, until the Rabbids gave him a lighter. Then, they went to the middle-aged Egypt to disturb the Egyptian building a sphinx. Last, they went to the medieval time, but ended up underground holding a sword when Arthur tries to pull it.


Gameplay will revolve around several minigames for up to four players (with computer AI controlling unused players) set during various segments of time. Some levels will feature co-operative play, such as a level where two players are tethered by toilet paper. Ubisoft has stated this game intends to be 'waggle-free', hoping to create mini-games with more depth.

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