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Imaginative immersionEdit

Games are gaining depth, visually as well as game storyline, relationships and online community.

Total immersionEdit

Turning ourselves into electrons to play a game is not exactly the best solution. Human interface requires the following:

  1. Total 360 degree visual capability
  2. Exact movement ratio
  3. Exact Physical Environment
    1. Replicating the environment
    2. Visual reality in a virtual world

Visual capability is a combination of visual medium and graphic programing and output capability. 3D technology gives endless possibilities to gaming but the ultimate medium would be 3D wrap around glasses with separate screens for each eye, giving true depth and peripheral vision. Transmitting images directly to the brain is the only other way to gain total visual immersion.

The closer to exact movement, the closer to real life, however, games are designed to get around walking the actual game field. A true game will always have major movement (like walking and running) done for you.

Replicating the environment is done on holodecks. Putting real physical consequences in real life games such as laser tag can be done with suits. Environmental changes can take place mechanically, however, mechanics have always failed to make a game superior. In order to do so, mechanics have to become smoother, quicker, quieter, and more convincing. Gimmicks such as a replica gun can be used to add very convincing weight to a game, if the controls allow for immersion and smooth game play.


PC glasses

3D technologyEdit

In order to get everything 3D has to offer to a gamer there are 3 things required:

  1. Exactness in pixels as well as general 3D visual effects
  2. Quick and smooth flow that is easy to control
  3. The ability for the eyes and brain to play for hours

As close to real visual as possible for easy depth adjustment, with definite boundaries(pixels) for exactness. Any wrap around 3D has to adjust to the eyes as well.

Movement ratioEdit

It is very beneficial in a game to heighten movement ratio whether that is thumb movement translating into game movement or actual walking or running. With a combination of smooth controls of general body movement translated into game movement, general arm movements and precise control of a gun, wheel, or other controllers; A game can be made very easy to control naturally, immersing the player without controls you have to get "used" to.

Physical environmentEdit

Floor pads can be manipulated to reproduce uphill and downhill travel. Stairs can be made in any direction as well. In order for games to successfully provide a mechanical environment, it first has to come into terms with being a game. Replicating any piece of an entire world mechanically is impractical for high movement and fine motor interaction.

A true game will always be virtual unless holodecks are available. The biggest problem with believability is the transitions between levels(height) in a world. Immersion technology already worked on solutions to this like temporary computer control during climbing, etc.

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