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Brain manipulationEdit

The ultimate control that future games may have, of course, is direct brain manipulation. However far off this technology may seem, there is already influence of its possibilities in both speculation and actual game development.

The development of body motion control is the closest any controller has come to direct brain manipulation. The body motion controls the game directly with the possibility of extreme fine control never seen before.

Eye/hand controlEdit

The fastest anyone can get with a control comes down to eye and hand dexterity. No other controlled reflexes are quicker than our eyes and hands.

In order for body control technology to come closer to humans, it must develop exact finger and hand control and leave general body motions as general movement controls.

Eye/environment controlEdit

The biggest jump from modern controls to brain manipulation is the loss of eye hand control. The only way to make up for this is to make the brain believe that the game is real with better graphics and more immersion techniques.

Note that the natural mechanic of "looking around" will ultimately be crucial in future virtual worlds.

Closer to homeEdit

The development of the dual analog sticks makes extreme eye/hand coordination possible but does not quite deliver exactness compared to a mouse and pointer.

The reason is that a mouse uses general wrist movements that can bring fine control as well.

Developing analog sticks for finer control requires 2 things:

  1. Thin stick design
  2. Immersion

The thinner the stick, the more control (less durable). Accurate immersion is needed for eye/environment coordination.

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