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Dudebro: My Shit is Fucked Up So I Got To Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight Up Dawg Time is a top-down, third-person perspective shooting game which is currently being developed by members of the NeoGAF community. The game is set to be released as a PC format game on the Summer of 2010. It is intended to parody modern hardcore videogames, and contrary to its name, is not a sequel to any previously-released game title.

Development PlotEdit

The game follows the story of B.R.O. Alliance Forces members John Dudebro and his sidekick, Habemus Chicken. At the start of the game a briefing with the B.R.O. General takes place, where the protagonists are shown a polaroid picture of the eye-scarred and mustachioed Pesquali on the map. Pesquali is a terrorist known to have been selling illegal weapons in the middle east.


The game is a top-down shooter presented in a 3rd person perspective. The player controls Dudebro's movement with the keyboard and aims with the mouse. Weapons and upgrades are available through the player environment.


Dudebro began with an offhand comment by a user named Cuyahoga in a thread with a topic about Babyz Fashion on the NeoGAF forum. The same user made up a title meant to insult another user when he was being accused of being a pedophile. The title was a source of inspiration, and the NeoGAF users Jocchan, Thetrin and Mik2121 took the initiative in the actual conception of the game. They were then followed by a large number of posters who began discussions, collaborating on the ideas and assets for a real game. Eventually, Will Goldstone (who wrote a book on Unity) became involved with programming. The NeoGAF users were able to get Jon St. John to voice Dudebro. St. John is notable for being the voice actor for the character Duke Nukem in the Duke Nukem game franchise. The game is expected to be completed and released in summer 2010. Currently, Dudebro’s application source code is open to all NeoGAF members who are willing to contribute to the game’s improvement. The team is currently looking for new members to speed up the production of visual assets.

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